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At Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital we treasure each patient and give each our complete attention and compassion, one by one. We hold ourselves to high standards of ethics, honesty, and the best, most humane medical practices. We are committed to becoming your trusted family veterinary team, and an unqualified asset to this community. Like you, we want to see happy tails wagging! We are passionate about open communication with owners, and operate in a fashion of translucency with regards to the treatment of your pet. We pledge to listen, and also share, every step of the way. This includes doing examinations, blood work, and procedures in front of you, as we feel this elevates both your and your pet’s level of comfort and awareness. In those small situations where patients behave better away from their owners, we can accommodate those needs. This philosophy also applies to the cost of care, which we pride ourselves on conveying upfront and honestly! 

A few notes about our practice:

We believe in the most humane care when working with animals, with the goal of making each experience a good one for all involved. We endeavor to treat each patient with respect and a high degree of attention, attempting pills with food versus forcing medicine down the mouth, as well as holding cats and dogs in the nicest manner imaginable, so that the word “restraint” is used as loosely as possible. When it comes to vaccinations, we also trust in gentle handling and an individualized approach, looking at the whole patient and health history to develop a plan for your pet. 

Our treatment of felines involves a high level of sensitivity, as we keep them in separate areas than our canine patients to circumvent undue stress, and follow the Feline Association’s guidelines for grouping cat patient appointments together to avoid traumatic situations with other animals.

We invest in equipment, in time, and in training to provide a network of support and the information you need to follow through on treatment with comfort and conviction. We want you to return and to spread the good word. So we work hard to make your Happy Tails’ experience THE BEST—for you and your pet.

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