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A Message from Us Regarding COVID-19

As you have heard, COVID-19 (Corona Virus) has been infiltrating the community around us.  We at Happy Tails want to provide a safe and healthy environment for our staff and our clients. At this time only 2 dogs in China have tested positive for the disease with 1 of the dogs still testing positive. Both dogs were not clinically sick and at this time we have not seen a transmission between humans and dogs. Please reference this link for ways to protect your pet if you are sick- During this time of uncertainty, we are taking strict precautionary measures to ensure this. We have increased our cleanliness and sanitization in the hospital by now including disinfecting all door handles, shared countertops, and telephones, multiple times a day. Hand sanitizer is located in each room and at the front desk for your use. We have posted signs regarding proper hand washing to increase the awareness and to act as a reminder for our staff and our clients. We have instructed all staff who are sick, immune compromised, or have sick symptoms to stay home.  As of now, Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital will remain open for our normal hours of operation. 

Below is a list of options for appointments and prescription fills that follow the guidelines of social distancing and self isolation. 

Websites mentioned below: 

Website on Veterinary Medicine and Covid-19 

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